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We’ve all been there. The cashier is ringing our items through, and with each blip of the scanner, we see that final bill get higher and higher. And as our grocery bill gets higher and higher, our heart rate seems to be picking up. A single bead of sweat starts to roll off our temple as we start mentally adding up if we have enough to pay and still make it until payday.

Shopping at the grocery store should not be stressful, but it definitely can be — especially when money has been a recent worry. With these shopping tips, you can save on money without skimping on flavor. Check out our ways to shop smarter, and visit Garden Fresh Marketplace to get great food at equally great prices!

Shop in season.

This one can be tough in Detroit, because our winters and those random, end-of-March-blizzards make it all the more challenging to access fresh and local produce. And yet, you can still purchase produce that’s in season elsewhere for a more affordable option. As delightful as a bowl of bing cherries sounds, our Michigan cherries will taste better — and be available at a more reasonable price — if you wait until cherry season comes around.

In the fall, go for those seasonal apples. Get your February fruit fix by going for some delicious citrus. By being conscientious of what’s in season, you can get some sweet produce for an even sweeter price.

Watch for deals.

If you know that those Luna bars usually go on sale for $1.00 and they’re currently listed at a higher price, it might be worth the wait to hold out until prices drop. It can seem like pennies, but everything adds up. And if you’d rather pay $18 instead of $20 for groceries, then you probably already know to put those bars back on the shelf.

Similarly, keep an eye out on what the prices for your favorite foods are. This will make it easier to recognize when they go on sale, and for some of your essentials, it might be beneficial to stock up. Sure, it’s a bit more pricey up front, but it’ll still save you in the end in ways that aren’t immediately visible.

Checking for deals at our grocery store? You’re in luck! We feature a weekly ad on our website for you to access some of our featured weekly specials.

In a future blog, we’ll cover some more ways that you can save money when you’re trying to shop. Our grocery store in Detroit recognizes that shopping can be stressful, and when money and food become worries, stocking up on groceries can go from heavenly to feeling horrible. That’s why Garden Fresh Marketplace is proud to offer incredible produce, meats, bakery items, and other fresh ingredients that aren’t going to break the bank. We’d love for you to stop by and see for yourself! Stay tuned for our next blog post on smart shopping tips, and in the meantime, check out our local Detroit grocery store.